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Is design education in the midst of a profound shift? No longer merely pre-professional training, educators at some schools are emphasizing a broader and more diverse focus for design students. They are emphasizing research, collaboration, creative thinking, and realizing that future graduates may not necessarily work in the traditional role of a graphic designer. Are things changing?

REVOLUTION: PHILADELPHIA explores the struggles and shifts taking place in design education today. Some are revolutionary, proposing an overhaul and profound change to the ways we think about design education. Some are smaller, more intimate, human-scaled revolutions. Have you changed WHAT you teach? Have you changed HOW you teach? Have you changed WHY you teach?

REVOLUTION: PHILADELPHIA, AIGA Design Education Conference 2005, was a national AIGA conference for design educators. The conference included main stage speakers, discussion sessions, student project presentations and paper presentations selected from submitted abstracts through a peer-reviewed process. Many of the presentations will be available soon to download from this site.

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